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  • Backlog Clearing

    Backlog Clearing Century IC  Co., Ltd is specialized on Ufasoft Coin manufacturing, 80 tons of backlog are looking for fast and safe transportation. Day 1, sign contract with them; Day 2, start handling on system connection; Day 3, start operation on cargos, 10 days we handled all the backlog, customer was very satisfied. More

  • Warehousing and Distribution

    Warehousing and Distribution Warehousing: Topp Co Ltd is manufacturing car parts for famous brand, part of their shipments  need to be kept by logistic vender and wait for customer's order and distribute at first time. What we are doing: 1, Clearfy the needs and prepare the necessary facility 2, Pre-alert by customers 3, Daily update the status of the goods 4, Specialize person handling More

  • Dangerous Goods Handling

    Dangerous Goods Handling Richgo Co., Ltd is authourized supplier of Philips, most of their goods are li-battery inside, per local security requirement battery certificate is needed, we work with their battery suppliers to collect all the documents and report to airport security department, got it registered in advance, then all the shipments are running smoothly. What we are doing for new business: 1, Contact your supplier to clearify the goods 2, Contact supplier's supplier to observe the battery's materials 3, Register the documents to local government of security 4, Send test shipment to ensure smooth process More

  • Customs Clearance

    Customs Clearance J&J Co., Ltd is purchasing large quantities of furnitures from China, the manufactures  have no documents for export customs clearance. We work with broker agent to apply necessary paperwork in advance, customer is very  happy to see their goods are sending out smoothly. What we are doing: 1, Customers' inquiry and clearify if they have the paperwork for customs clearance 2, Obtain broker's preparation with specific details of goods 3, Issue customs clearance material for each shipment 4, Declare it to local customs and get shipment released and sent out More

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